Can Art Aid in Resolving Conflicts?
2019—02 (05)       
Amsterdam, NL

It was a couple of years ago when I was asked in an email by Dr. Ornat Lever whether or not I felt art could aid in resolving conflicts. I suspected my response would end up as a small overlooked quote hidden deep within an essay of some text-heavy academic book. Much to my surprise, I received this magnificent tome in the mail, where I am featured alongside some very admirable giants in the arts such as Cui Xiuwen, Frank Gehry, Ron English, and many many others.

Can Art Aid in Resolving Conflicts? is a beautifully-made hardback coffeetable book published by Frame out of the Netherlands. Filled not just with pretty pictures, but also with the opinions of 100 living artists on the relationship of what they do with conflicts and their possible resolutions.

Hardcover, 272 pages
10 x 1 x 11.8 in, 4 pounds  
Published by Frame Publishers
Language in English
ISBN 978-9492311320

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