Middle East Eye
2019— 10 (03)

Egypt protests: How cartoon of Sisi the cat burglar became face of a movement  ︎
Ganzeer initially released the image in private groups as well as on his Instagram page. The image quickly went viral. Above the image the slogan reads in English: "Arrest Sisi. Free Egypt," and below in Arabic: "Down with the betrayers, regime remnants, [Muslim] Brotherhood".

The Gazette
2019 — 06 (10)

Ganzeer lends hand to Czech Museum’s replica Berlin Wall ︎
Last week, he was visiting Cedar Rapids as part of the ‘Revolution Starts in the Streets’ art installation and exhibit at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, 1400 Inspiration Place SW.

PRI’s The World
2019— 05 (21)

The Banksy of Egypt ︎
Ganzeer talks with The World’s host Marco Werman about the challenges authoritarianism poses to artists.

Vogue Man Arabia
2018— 09

A Change of Art ︎
By touching on culturally relevant topics, these regional creatives are behind public pieces that truly resonate.

Boulder Weekly
2017— 11 (16)

Context is Everything ︎
Ganzeer draws from the past to create the future.
2017— 06 (25)

Street Art Profiles: Ganzeer︎
One rainy day in Coney Island, I came across an intriguing mural in progress at Coney Art Walls and met Ganzeer, an unassuming artist painting diligently despite the usual chaos that is Coney Island happening on a busy Memorial Day weekend.

Comic Bastards
2017— 01 (11)

The Best 6 Things I Stared at in 2016 ︎
I could throw some comparisons out there, calling Ganzeer a punk rock Eddie Campbell or a mad summon brought about by Alan Moore's political work in the 80s. All that, however, would be selling the artist here short.

LA Weekly
2017— 05 (02)

The “Banksy of Egypt” Moved to L.A. and Just Wants to Make Comic Books ︎
The politics of Ganzeer's work are still there — they're just changing with the times and the medium.

We Eat Art
2017— 01 (09)

Episode 12: Ganzeer ︎
Ganzeer paints,draws, designs, makes street art and comics and was chased out of Egypt for being a dissident. We talk about where his ideas come from, how he puts them together and what it was like to be in the middle of Cairo as the revolution was happening.

Foreign Policy

Global Thinkers 2016 ︎
Ganzeer for sketching a dire environmental warning.

Flickering Myth
2016—10 (21)
Interview: Ganzeer on the Solar Grid ︎

Mark Allen chats to Ganzeer about The Solar Grid.

The Guardian
2016—07 (20)

From Revolutionary Art to Dystopian Comics: Ganzeer on Snowden, Censorship, and Global Warming ︎
The Egyptian artist reveals how The Solar Grid draws on his fears for the country’s future, his admiration of Edward Snowden and his own experience of fleeing repression.

Identity Magazine
2016—05 (30)

Ganzeer: An Inspiring Multitalented Award-Winning Artist ︎
While most famous for his street art during the Egyptian Revolution, it is a challenge to find a label that accurately captures the wide range of art that Ganzeer creates. 

2016—02 (10)

Ganzeer: the Art of Protest ︎
Ganzeer’s experiences give him a unique and fresh perspective on a number of global issues and how things are so intricately connected to each other.

Radio Open Source
2015—03 (09)

Ganzeer in America ︎
The Egyptian graffiti genius known as Ganzeer is working on our turf now.

Flux Hawaii
2015—02 (20)

The Elephant in the Room ︎
Egyptian artist Ganzeer points out trouble in paradise with his Pow! Wow! piece.

2015—01 (31)

The Revolutionary No-Bullshit Art of Ganzeer ︎
The 32-year-old Egyptian artist's first New York solo show takes on police brutality and the crimes committed by the American government.

The Nation
2015—01 (16)

Egypt’s Revolutionary Artist Takes on the NYPD ︎ For Ganzeer’s part, the breadth of things he has to say extends naturally to his new surroundings. Egypt’s loss, at least for now, is our gain.

Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy
2014—10 (31)

Interview with Ganzeer ︎
While Ganzeer’s art is not uniquely Egyptian and he often tackles global themes, he is best known for a body of work that, in many ways, has illustrated the Egyptian struggle for freedom and social justice.

Adult Magazine
2014—09 (08)

Ganzeer’s Internal Alarm ︎
The designer and artist best known for his street murals would rather stay in.

The New York Times
2014— 07 (10)

Hieroglyphics That Won’t Be Silenced ︎
Ganzeer said he calls himself “bicycle chain” because he likes to think of artists as the mechanism that pushes change forward. “We are not the driving force,” he said. “We are not the people pedaling, but we can connect ideas and by doing this we allow the thing to move.”

Art in America
2012—05 (31)

The New Realism ︎
Ganzeer continues to play the role of artist-as-political-provocateur at great personal risk.


Practical Advice ︎
A conversation with the graffiti artist Ganzeer.


An Interview with Ganzeer︎
About Amsterdam-Noord and the perception of time.

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