February 11 Strike
Street, Paper
Cairo, EG

Back in 2012, in the lead up to the anniversary of Mubarak's step down only a year prior, there was word on the street of an impending nation-wide strike. I sought to lend a hand to (or invigorate) this possible strike with a poster, screen-printed with the help of good friend Abo Kamar using cheap-ass acrylic house paint thinned out in local beer.

The text on the poster reads (rough translation):


General abstention from work and the payment of any utility bills beginning from February 11 until:

1- The complete transfer of the country's rule to a civilian body.

2- Resignation of the Attorney General, the General Coroner, the Government, and all members of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

3- Trial of all core players of the corrupt regime, including members of the military council, for their incompetent management of the country and their murder of its civilians.

4- Transfer of all civilian prisoners who have been subject to military tribunals to a retrial before a civilian court.

5- The complete halt of the "State of Emergency", and allowing regular criminal law to be used in criminal cases.