Global Comix Lecture: From Tahrir To The Solar Grid
Talk, Other
Houston, TX + Columbus, OH

The Ohio State University Libraries’ International and Area Studies Department presents a Global Comics Series, a transnational lecture series on global comics scholarship. As part of this series, global comic scholars visit the Ohio State campus to present on transnational issues from distinct area studies’ regional perspectives. Topics include global comic scholarship on immigration/migration, nationalism, identity and culture, feminism and more.

This event in the series focuses on the Middle East. Ganzeer, a well-known artist from Egypt, talks about how his street art activism during the tumultuous events of Egypt’s Tahrir Square uprising in 2011 inspired an ambitious graphic novel. Set in various future eras, “The Solar Grid” imagines a dystopian progression of events leading to climate disaster and the exacerbation of global inequalities. Drawing on the possibilities of science fiction, Ganzeer’s graphic novel dives into the future implications of colonialism, racism, industrialism, consumerism and environmentalism.

For Ganzeer's answers to questions that were unaddressed during the recording due to time constraints, hit this link.