Happily Ever After
Installation, Paper, Other
New York, NY

Paper on Wall
20 x 10 ft | 6 x 3 m

“As I entered the small gallery space, my eyes directly focused on an artwork occupying the main wall: an illustration repeatedly printed as a 20 x 10 foot wall poster by the Egyptian street artist Ganzeer, entitled تبات ونبات “Tabaat we Nabaat” – Happily Ever After. The illustration showed a seemingly happy family of parents and their children. As the illustration peeled off, however, the objects in the background came to mark the end of this family’s utopia, and the beginning of their departure. Ganzeer, best known for his political graffiti works, merged an Egyptian folk story of marriage, happiness, and fertility with the Palestinian reality of displacement and departure.”
—Mona Kareem, REORIENT

Created for Open Sesame, a group exhibition on the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait curated by Ola El-Khalidi at Apexart in NYC.

Open Sesame — New York, 2013