Not Yours “Ad”
Street, Graphics
2019—03 (25)       
New York, NY

Very pleased to be collaborating with Art in Ad Places because they’re doing important work and because our cities ought to be controlled by the people who live in them and not solely by corporations and their interests. New Yorkers have a right not to be bombarded by ads for dumb products they never wanted or asked for, and instead should retain the right to express themselves and their opinions openly in public space and be exposed to the opinions of fellow city dwellers in turn, for it is the only way to further societal development (at least far more effectively than with more ‘breast augmentation’ ads).

And speaking of breasts (and other human body parts), this particular work of art was chosen because women should clearly be able to display (or not) their bodies however they might well please without worry of judgement or harassment. Any laws or social conditioning standing in the way of this very basic human liberty must cease to exist effective immediately.

Photo by Luna Park.

Artwork featuring Maya Desnuda originally created in 2014.

Another version of the same artwork was shown at the Brooklyn Museum’s AGITPROP! exhibition in 2015-16.