The All American Prints
Brooklyn, NY

Screenprint and Mixed Media on Paper
63.5 x 96.5 cm | 38 x 25 in, each 

The All American Prints constituted a wide range of works on colored paper that in some instances involved more processes in addition to screenprinting, such as acrylic paint, markers, collage and aerosol. They were largely the result of the spontaneous mixing and matching of imagery created by Ganzeer, and screenprinted by Kevin Caplicki at Bushwick Printlabs in New York.

The resulting works (over 80), were then installed in the gallery space, hanging from the ceiling in a formation that created a maze for visitors to walk through.

“Ganzeer told me the visual chaos is a nod to supermarket aisles. For him, those colorful displays embody America: fractal cheer concealing the truth. As I walked the maze, bits of that truth came into focus.“
—Molly Crabapple, VICE

“For his ‘All-American’ gallery show in Manhattan of new paintings and posters, his impressions of us are merciless – not exactly funny, not quite incendiary, but tough: maybe just what we need from an artist and humanist of Egypt and the wide world.“
—Christopher Lydon, RADIO OPEN SOURCE

“For Ganzeer’s part, the breadth of things he has to say extends naturally to his new surroundings. Egypt’s loss, at least for now, is our gain.“
—Ali Gharib, THE NATION

All American—New York, 2015