The Cure
Graphics, Object, Other
Houston, TX + Los Angeles, LA + Seattle, WA

In celebration of ten years since the release of THE CURE, a single by musician, collaborator, and dear friend N Vs. A (AKA N Slash A), I was asked to create new cover-art for the song’s re-release.

I knew by virtue of the song’s title alone, I wanted to incorporate something from the visual language of the medical/pharmaceutical field. But the idea was to combine it with something else, something unexpected. The song’s lyrics “ The children chanting, What have you done with our tomorrow. We won't listen any more, we are searching for the cure” inspired the image of the aerosol, an obvious tool of choice for any young person to take their objection to the streets. The thing is though, I’ve seen a lot of really dumb graffiti and street-art in my day, so I know the aerosol in and of itself is not enough of an indicator of sound objection. It needed something else, and thus came the idea of covering the can in brain matter. 

My initial inclination was to draw the entire thing, but seeing as I had a bunch of spraypaint lying around the studio anyway, I thought: Why draw a can when I can draw (or paint rather) on a can?

And thus a physical object was created and photographed  to create this cover art.