Fate of Egypt
Paper, Words
Houston, TX

Pencil, ink, and watercolor on paper
12x 12 in, 32 x 32 cm 

Illustrations for op-ed written for Middle East Eye titled “The Fate of Egypt is With the People - And Sisi Knows it.” Originally: How Revolutions Fail ; Or, How Revolutions Succeed.

When I am told that the Egyptian people are no longer interested in revolution, I like to share a memory of something that took place nine years ago, on 11 February.

The roads around former President Hosni Mubarak’s presidential palace were surrounded by us, the people. That’s the romantic view; in reality, "the people" were very much divided between the anti-Mubarak and pro-Mubarak camps, with the latter constituting a definite majority.

Barricades were in place, secured by the presidential guard to keep people from clashing. But that did not keep the pro-Mubarak crowd from cussing and hurling insults at us, the ones taking action to unseat him. “How dare you do this?” they shouted. “He’s like a father to you.” Others asked “who paid” for us to be there, or called us “traitors”.

All it took for them to change their tune, though, was the announcement of Mubarak’s removal.