The Solar Grid, Ch. 1
2016 (1) — (4)       
Los Angeles, CA

949 years after the Flood, the Earth is now a dry and wretched place. Night has been consigned to legend as a vast network of satellites, the Solar Grid, orbits the planet to keep it basked in eternal daylight. Solar-powered factories operate ceaselessly to produce goods destined for Mars.

Mehret and Kameen are two orphans who make ends meet by scavenging for lucrative artifacts in Wastecountry, a limitless stretch of Earth that has become the Solar System’s de facto landfill. Together they come upon an item that puts them on a path to destroying the Solar Grid, and altering the course of history forever.

The Solar Grid is a graphic novel in 9 parts that examines the relationship between planetary imperialism, hyper-industrialism, and deep exploitation. Race-relations are at the heart of the story, which also includes themes of speculative archeology, space-travel, and environmental destruction.

Chapters are digitally serialized at, and kickstarter-funded print edition is due for publication upon completion, with a Korean edition forthcoming from Huud Books.

Beginning in April 2021, a serialized print edition has been issued by Radix Media in collaboration with Ganzeer’s own imprint, Mythomatic.