The Solar Grid, Ch. 2
2016 (5) — (6)       
Los Angeles, CA

Pencil, Ink, and digitally graytones
27.9 x 17.8 cm | 11 x 17 in

From BookRiot:
"THE SOLAR GRID #2: 'Magnitude and Complexity,' is in the flooded future where Sharif Algebri's Skyquench is aiming to siphon off water from Earth for other planetary establishments. Safety 1st officers come to take a look at the apartment of Teddy the whistleblower who leaked Skyquench docs and fled to China. There is wonderfully terse humor and the two officers find a clue in a package sent by a friend of Teddy's. After that, there's a brilliantly drawn TV sequence with boxes that look like overexposed, caricatured screenshots beside blocks of text spoken by the TV talking heads, who are cautiously interviewing Sharif Algebri, holder of 6,649 patents and billionaire."

From ComicBastards:
"This is a comic that shares its lifeblood with books like TRANSMETROPOLITAN and V FOR VENDETTA-not just for its visual density in world-building but because of how it invites a conversation about environmentalism and the global politics of the here and now."