The Solar Grid, Ch. 3
2016 (7) — (10)       
Los Angeles, CA

Pencil, Ink, and digitally manipulated inkwash
27.9 x 17.8 cm | 11 x 17 in

From Ploughshares:
"The stories in the recent serialized graphic novel, THE SOLAR GRID, operate not in moments but centuries—tracking the individual struggles of people on an earth living in the shadow of an ecological disaster known as the Flood. But this isn’t Mad Max. For however dire it is to watch two children work around land mines, The Solar Grid is about what a society does after moments of crisis.

"Major cities still exist in the Solar Grid, corporations still exist, and rather than an egalitarian desolation we’re accustomed to in post-apocalyptic fiction, the artist and writer Ganzeer shows a far more likely scenario: in the face of ecological and societal collapse, technology and money come together to save some and doom others.

"In this way, the arc of time of the comic is a conversation in cause-and-effect both in corporate and western interventionism. Nine years after the flood, in a Cairo where people travel by boats, the Solar Grid—the titular series of artificial suns meant to provide an hour or two of extra daylight to reduce the flood levels—is a reactionary measure and one scared people rest all their hope on. By 474 A.F., it’s a reality, some cities are above water but already corporations are siphoning water from Earth to interplanetary colonies. By 945 A.F. whoever’s left is an afterthought."