The Solar Grid, Ch. 4
2017—2018 (7) 25      
Denver, CO 

Pencil, Ink, and digitally manipulated inkwash
27.9 x 17.8 cm | 11 x 17 in

Young street-artist Aya wakes up in a police station in a flooded Cairo, with stacks of altered posters used as evidence against her. A conversation with Mehret several hundred years in the future flicks a switch in Old Man Kovsky's head and sends him down memory lane several hundred years in the past: a bar fight in Denver, and plans with a former professor to salvage humanity from the Great Flood.

At 84 pages, this installment of THE SOLAR GRID takes things into expansive new directions, tying together elements from Ch. 1-3, while setting the stage for the impending galactic insanity to come.

That's not all, there is also some particularly kooky backmatter provided by none other than James Harvey (We Are Robin, Masterplasty, Mouth Baby).