The Solar Grid, Ch. 5
2019—2020 (8) 19     
Denver, CO + Houston, TX 

Pencil, Ink, and digital colors
27.9 x 17.8 cm | 11 x 17 in

An illicit trade takes place on Earth’s Moon, meanwhile on Mars, famed artist Mickie Stardust is on his last legs and looking to make another big splash in the art game. The fifth chapter in THE SOLAR GRID epic provides an overview of speculative race relations through encounters between Earthlings, Martians and Endalusians. It also takes us back to Japan circa 2019 where the The Solar Grid concept is first proposed. Also included is an extensive speculative essay written by Josh MacPhee on the history of street-art on Mars, which provides even more fascinating world-building to this very ambitious tale.