Rolling Bulb
Cairo, EG

Rolling Bulb was an online journal of new ideas I started in 2010. It started off slow with a couple of design-centric articles and an elaborate interview with artist Francesc Ruiz who was CIC’s artist-in-residence at the time. 

Come 2011, and it really kicked off both in the essay department, as well as visually with a weekly series titled Manazer in which I and a number of other graphic artists responded to then-current events with a single graphic, falling somewhere between political cartooning and design (it is in fact where The Mask of Freedom first appeared). I made it a point to provide illustrations for every opinion piece (called Viewspectives) that was published, including those that came in from other writers. It featured the occassional exhibition review, ran a series of interviews by Ibraheem Youssef titled Obsession Sessions, and even spawned not one, but two podcasts: Radio Lumba and Cairo Book Club Podcast. The latter was jumpstarted by Elisabeth Jaquette (constituting one episode) and the former by me (constituting 3 episodes). Jaquette’s podcast revolved around book discussions, and Radio Lumba focused on interviewing creative types.

All in all, Rolling Bulb was a formidable incubator of ideas and expression, but it lacked a regular staff or any kind of resources.