Hands Up (Vol. 1)
New York, NY

Acrylic on wood and video animation on flat screen TV

In 2014, friend and hiphop artist Matre reached out to me to create a representational image for his song, Listen, which was created in response to the news that the L.A. Unified School District police received military-grade weapons from the Department of Defense. Of course I agreed, and a version of the image was used to announce the song’s release as well as in the form of a fictional flyer within the music video for the song.

The image and its subject matter later became an impetus for multiple works of art, the first of which was this video installation in the street-facing windows of Leila Heller Gallery, as part of my solo exhibition: All American. 

An evolved incarnation of this installation appeared a few months later at Magic City: Art of the Street in Dresden, Germany.

All American — New York, 2015