Hands Up (Vol. 2)
Dresden, DE

Acrylic on wood and video animation on flat screen TV
200 x 126 x 43 in, 510 x 320 x 110 cm

In 2014, friend and hiphop artist Matre reached out to me to create a representational image for his song, Listen, which was created in response to the news that the L.A. Unified School District police received military-grade weapons from the Department of Defense. Of course I agreed, and a version of the image was used to announce the song’s release as well as in the form of a fictional flyer within the music video for the song.

The image and its subject matter later became an impetus for multiple works of art including a multimedia installation at Leila Heller Gallery in NYC, a more evolved version of the installation at Magic City: Art of the Street which toured Dresden, Munich, and Stockholm. The image has also been the basis of multiple works on paper.

Photos: Rainer Christian Kurzeder and Lingling

Magic City — Dresden, 2015
Magic City — Munich, 2017

Magic City— Stockholm, 2018