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“Where am I?” barked MF-2411, “What year is it? Who’s the president?!”

The response was laughter. “Who’s the president, haha, gets me every time”, chuckled one doctor who was naked except for the surgeon’s mask on his face. Where there should’ve been a penis down below, there was nothing at all, sort of like a Ken doll. MF couldn’t tell if that was actually the case or if his eyes were playing tricks on him. Everything was fuzzy, even with the goggles they had him wear to diffuse the light a little bit.

“What is that supposed to mean?” shouted MF, “No president?”

“Relax MF-2411,” said the voice of one Doctor, reassuring and motherly. “You’ll understand everything in due time.” When MF looked to see where the voice was coming from, he noticed the Doctor’s mouth wasn’t moving at all, but was instead coming from the mouth on one of the Doctor’s voluptuous tits.

“Am I in Hell?” asked MF, “Just tell me this one thing, please.”

Excerpt from Notopia, a Times New Human story.